Friday, 15 January 2010

Why is Crime in Japan Lower Than in Christian Countries?

Here is the question posted on Yahoo! :.

"I heard most Japanese people are an atheist. But why is crime in Japan
lower than in many Christian countries?

Why are they well-mannered?"

Here! is their response on Nihon's 2ch forum :.

- Wrong: Atheists. Right: Polytheists.

- Because the eyes of other people are more scary than those of God.

- The Sun watches down on us so we can do no wrong.

- Because we don’t have any religious wars.

- Isn’t it because religion itself breeds violence?

- We’re not really atheists though. And what’s called an atheist overseas is
practically a cultist, like some kind of atheist religion.

- You can’t watch late night anime in prison. That makes for a polite society.

- Piety destroys character.

- It must be genetic. Just look at those damn Koreans!

- Because we’re Japanese.

- Religion serves as an expedient means of making the uncultivated or
ignorant obey the law.

- Because you can only believe in yourself.

- They’re clever because they eat lots of fish.’ I don’t think Japanese are smart,
but I do think the person who wrote this is an idiot.

- As expected of someone from a place where they don’t each much fish, he’s pretty stupid.

- If you compare them to America, the crime rates in most countries are just a joke.

- Not revering a single god doesn’t give rise to useless prejudice.

- Religion is a weapon of mass destruction.

- You can do whatever you like if God forgives you.

- We aren’t without religion. December is Christmas. The New Year is Shinto.
The funeral is Buddhist. The marriage is Christian. There’s no more faithful people!

- It’s almost like you can’t have morals, happiness or love without religion to them.
Their culture has been hijacked, hasn’t it?

- It’s because they are 98% one people.’ This is a big factor – mixing in different cultures
and religions causes public order to deteriorate.

- The reason is because sex is completely tolerated.

- Society is a harsher master than any God. The punishments actually happen after all.

- Crime may be rare and manners good, but it is stifling here.

- Look at the troubles after the war or in the Showa period, and the crime rates then.
Japanese society is currently stable, that’s why crime is low. Individualism vs collectivism
or whatever are just secondary factors.

- Overseas, atheists get suspected of communism. In Japan, it’s the Catholic priests and
the Buddhist monks who are the communists.

- Japanese only believe in capitalists and men of power.

- I’d like to ask those American fellows the opposite – just why is it the religious folk are
the ones with the worst manners and the highest levels of crime?

- In the US, there’s one god for 300 million people. In Japan, there’s 8 million gods,
that’s 1 to 15. Plenty for everyone.

- Let’s just put it down to bushido.

Shouldn't we be more like the Japanese? Then there will be less religion wars....

PLUS! "I" just finish college?

"I" get this all the freaking time, today's episode, my fellow co-worker asked me.

He:. Finish your studies?
Me:. Eh....Yes, I finish my studies (looks at him in a blur way)
He:. Then your working with Datin full time now huh.
Me:. No just until end of the month, then I'm off.
He:. Gonna do your degree or something?
Me:. No, going to work in another company, how old do you think I am?
He:. I don't know 21, 22?
Me:. Laughs!!! No I'm 2X!
He:. Oh! I thought you were younger then me....
Me:. I get that a lot....

Some even thinks that "I" just finish school, DAMN! Just imagine going into clubs,
the bouncers always ask for my I.C, DAMMIT! for looking so young!


Nicholas C said...

Japanese are nice people. Weird.... but nice

"I" the writer said...

Yeah, for me....Weird is nice ;)

Kelvin said...

Cos they have far too many porns?

"I" the writer said...

If that true, how about US?
Hearin' you say that, now "I" am scared to find a wife in Japan...

YUKI said...

Actually these days the number of crime is increasing in Japan, but it's still low compare to foreign countries. I think just because Most Japanese are Otaku and they prefer watching Manga and Anime instead go out.

"I" the writer said...

Yeah, I read that some Japanese guys have no friends at all! They rather spend time with their anime, weird...