Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Its a Dancing Doll!

The evolution of dolls are among us! We have dolls saying "ma-ma" (the creepiest of
the lot!
), live like looking sex dolls, robot doll "slash" sex dolls & now a cute dancing maid
Now any "otaku" can own their very own "idol", dancing in front of them. What is
becoming of the world!
Will the age of Terminator soon be among us? Will these cute
figures 1 day rule the earth instead of apes? The Planet of the Cute Dolls draws near,
humans will be the slaves!
My imagination seems to have flown out of the box

It would seem that, the owner of this Super Dollfie was so dissatisfied! With the refusal
of his charge to dance that he rebuilt a doll as a robot & had that dance for him! Amazing!
The happy event is captured in two videos, reproduced below. Enjoy! & be amazed on how
freaking cute this doll is.

With this, "I" can finally build my very own "Maid cafe of cute dancing robots", its
a stroke of genius!

Via:. DancingDoll


Kelvin said...

Wow, she is very cute^^ Is she a real human size robot?

"I" the writer said...

"I" have no idea dude, she looks like a toy size doll but it would be nice if she was human size...