Friday, 1 January 2010

Molestation on the Dance floor

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ulti Fans! A new year filled with new dream, hopes, ambitions.
"I" hope that this year will be kind to me...

As any youth with raging hormones would know, New Year's eve is meant for looking
your level best. Fancy cloths, funky hairstyles & a wallet full of cash, well for the guys
at least. Its time to get out there & show your stuff! Its the only time of year where
going "clubbing" is a MUST! Well for my group of "Drinking Friends" that is. Packed in
the "jam", hype & excitement boiling up in the car, who knew that almost everyone in
KL would be out at the same freaking time? As "I" was passing KLCC, "I" saw the most
sweetest freakin' thing ever! It was an old Indian couple holding hands & walking
along the youngster filled streets on KL! DAMN! Who knew true love would fill
the air...

Found a parking & went straight to a the club. It was time to party your life-force away!
As for "I", well you can say that "I" was again forced to join this unholy ritual of drinking &

As our group of 5 entered the club, my friend's friend came running, shouting at the top of
her human lungs "AH! You all are here!" Well this is just the beginning of many shouting
to come. Said our "hi's" & "I" the "not-so-cool-with-girls" writer was then approached by
the "everybody said she looked pretty" Punjabi chick, said "Hi, so long didn't see you, how
come you didn't call me?" Being the geek "I" am, "I" said "Hi" Nuff Said!

While drinkin' with the pals, the girls were on the dance floor shaking their hips to the
beat of many club-remixed-music. "I" am the type of "clubber" who just likes drinking &
looking upon the strange & funny reaction of peeps in the club BUT! Was pulled on the
unholy ground of dancing by the Punjabi Chick aka B. B said "Dance with me!" after
being a bit tipsy & "I" being a nice person. "I" was just shook my "buns" around like a
nerd, like a person who was impersonating Mr.Bean's dance steps so to speak. Feeling like
a complete idiot, "I" heard a whisper on my ear, "sooo cute" DAMN! Who knew dancing
like a complete retard would make me cute? After "satisfying" her needs to want to dance
with me, "I" went back to drinking BUT! She came back yet again, "You owe me another
dance" Do girls ever get tired of dancing "I" wondered...

As "I" sat with a drink in my hand, "I" looked upon the lively crowed club & wondered,
is clubbing that satisfying? Why? Some come to get chicks, some even get married to the
guy the met in the club, some just wants to get "lucky", some want to "get high" to forget
their sadness in life, some just want to shake their booty & some forced by others to come.
A place to make new friends? A social place? Hmmm...

As "I" was hanggin' with be buds, "I" looked upon B & she was getting it on with another
girl. Girls can really get wild with good music huh. B looked at me looking at her, pulled me
yet again! How "I" wish there was a regulation against this...

Acting like a complete idiot again, but this time was in the middle of 2 awesome! Looking
chicks! DAMN! Is this right? The worse is yet to come!

Being in a so called sandwich, it was kinda hard to display my moves. The girl behind me
groped me! Putting me hand on my hip & rubbing her chest on my back! WHY?! B saw
it & throw that girl's hand away & begin holding me from the front! Am "I" some type of
doll to be played with? Maybe the girl behind couldn't take it & yet again begin rubbing me
from behind, but! This time even "my-not-so-little-soldier" got groped! Should "I" report
this to the bouncer or the police outside? B saw that & even being pressing herself on me.
Why?! WHYYY?! "I" the "lucky?" writer was about explode! Well maybe this was a new
year's present from Zeus? Or a bad prank from Loki?

Lucky the music changed & "I" was released from the sandwich of death! As "I" went
back for a drink, my friends looked at me with their mouths wide open. 1 even came to
and said "Why you don't like B? She's into you", "I" just kept quiet...Still haunted by the
groped that just happen...

A new year's day to remember indeed. As we parted B said "Call me!" & "I" just smile &
said "Bye-bye". As any clubber knows that, after a night of soaking yourself with alcohol &
sweat, eating is next on the list!

Drove back all the way to Subang as 1 of my peep wanted to go to Lai Kong. As girls
being girls, flashes of light filled my car as they were taking pictures like there was no
tomorrow! We had reached the Chinese hawker stall. "I" dare to say that 80% of there
were after clubbing as well. Eating & joking, until!

A fight broke out outside!
Normal? Hell Yeah! It was kinda funny though, the girls were
the 1st to break out & head towards the car as my "high" friend was still enjoying his chicken
-chop. A night to remember indeed...END!

PLUS! The best of C77 Comiket Cosplayers
Brings together talented & sexy cosplayers out to brave the ravenous throng of
otaku onlookers. How if there was a "clubbing" place filled with cosplayers?
would be awesome, but then again, how would cosplayers act when they
drunk? "I" wonder...

quote of the day!
Huh? What's wrong? House ran away? Dog on fire?
-Homer Simpson- The Simpsons


Kelvin said...

Wow, female version Super Mario^^

"I" the writer said...

Kewl huh...I like Gohan the best! Happy New Year bub'