Sunday, 17 January 2010

UnlimitedSpot's 2nd Anniversary

Today! Marks the 2nd year that "I" the freaking writer has been in the blogging world.
Who in the blue hell would have thought that "I" would last this long in the ever so
challenging world of blogging eh? Getting to know new peeps, adding a few invaders
to my list & beginning to
collect a handful of loyal readers. It's truly a joy & an

Why "I" made a blog? "You" the reader may ponder in the loo, well it all started
by me wanting to try something new, me trying to give writing a go! Till now my
writing is only so-so...but! has been commented as funny or "its like speaking to
you in person" or is simple & easy to understand. "I" am still finding my own unique
writing style & will keep on searching till "I" the "so called" writer find that treasure
of mine. Nuff Said!

PLUS! Nostalgic TV
This! awesome overly-high-tech helicopter, Airwolf rules the sky with lightning speed
& packed explosive arsenal for the ultimate punch! "I" still remember that "I" the writer
would finish all me homework as quick as the Flash just to get glued to this action packed

quote of the day!
This is not something you can control!
-Humanz Brother- Gamer


Kelvin said...

Congratz^^ Keep on blogging:)

"I" the writer said...

Will do dude! ;)