Wednesday, 13 January 2010

No Pants Day 2010

No Pants Day, an annual event that spawned participants to remove freaking their
trousers by group named Improv Everywhere. Its 1st sighting was in the year 2002
& this year, there were over
3,000 participants, crazy people! Stage of performance?
Well its on a local mass transit system of course. Duh! This courageous concept is also
done in 43 other cities around the world in 16 countries! DAMN! Here are some
of there earlier masterpieces.

The beginning of mass un-pantsness

Last Year

PLUS! Strike Witches USA: "Winning The War On Pants!"
Speaking of no pants, here is
Funimation’s impending English language release
of top not-pantsu anime Strike Witches, complete with dub. The famous "They’re
not pantsu so it’s not embarrassing!" slogan of the series seems understandably
to have not survived translation intact.

quote of the day!
Darth Maul? Jar Jar Binks? Who are these gay birds? They're not from Star Wars.
-Justin Schumacher- Kickin it Old School


YUKI said...

No Pants subway...I really wanna check the video , but I am in office...damn!

"I" the writer said...

Dont worry, this video is not like hentai ;)