Thursday, 7 January 2010

Researchers say G-Spot Doesn't Exist!

Ever had this phrase shoved in your face?

Well neither have "I", but if your girl is a "wild-thing" & is always looking for
that point of CLIMAX, that you always fail to give. Fear no more!

Sex researchers (who freaking knew that there was such a profession? Where
do "I" sign up?) have concluded that the all so mythical G-Spot, an area of the
females "special spot" that will LEVEL UP the chick's sexual sensitivity, does not exist!

The "Gräfenberg" Spot is named for the gynecologist who postulated its freakin'
existence, is said to be an especially erogenous area of the girl's "special spot" which
can produce powerful! orgasms when stimulated during sex.

For many many years, female articles has always shove facts of that G-Spot & how
to freaking get it to that hype state of enjoyment. Well the University of London wants
to prove that its just a myth! Researchers undertook the largest sexological study of
the G-Spot to date, encompassing 1,800 women.

The study participants, all damn twins!, were asked whether they considered
themselves to have a G-Spot or not, on the basis that if the G-Spot did exist as
a biological & genetic phenomenon, it would be more likely to occur in identical
twins (who share the same genes) than in non-identical twins (who share only
half their genes).

The results demonstrated identical twins were no more likely than non-identical twins
to report having such a spot, suggesting the G-Spot is in fact a purely subjective
phenomenon at best.

1 of the authors holds forth on the subject:

"Women may argue that having a G-spot is due to diet or exercise, but in fact
it is virtually impossible to find real traits.

This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and shows fairly conclusively
that the idea of a G-spot is subjective."

Via :. BBC.

Bet the girl readers might be doing this tonight!


kenwooi said...

so now it's a myth?? haha..
fun reading the cartoons =P

"I" the writer said...

If researchers says its a myth, so it must be true ;)

Kelvin said...

lol, is the researchers male or female and how they test?
Its there actually, just whether u can find it or not. Some are more sensitive.

KenChia said...

WTF! we need Gee-Spot
Go outsmart those researchers and change their ideology.. *Wondering how they know there is no Gee-Spot*

"I" the writer said...

@ Kelvin :. Who knows how they test, & maybe it was both make & female researchers. Not all woman are the same, some more sensitive then others right ;)

@ KenChia :. Why need G-Spot? Not every guy will hit that "goal" all the time...

junsern said...

ahhh indeed... the legend is busted... so now guys have to rely on their skills to satisfy women la!

"I" the writer said...

Yeah & girl dont have that advantage of an accuse saying that a guy cant hit the G-Spot