Friday, 8 January 2010

Malaysia's at WAR!

With Words! Woooooo Terrifying! Looks like our 24 hour food paradise country
is at war with who gets to use what word. 1st it was taking over the word
"Batik" & now the word of the day is "ALLAH". Yeah the leaders of the country
restores the 'Allah' ban for Christians. No disrespect but cant "we" the Malaysians
fight over a better cause? Other then trying to rule the words of the dictionary.
Leaders & politicians dudes of Malaysia! Move forward! Not Backwards!

The world is moving so rapidly, tech is getting better, the critical environmental
problem has yet to be solved, the world's economy is slowly getting better & here
"we" are fighting over words...

"I" may not know much about news but still have a logical idea on what goin' on.
Why am "I" addressing this cause "I" the writer has received an sms from my mum :.

"Pls remove rosaries & all religious articles from your cars now. They are smashing
cars with christian articles. Started all over bangsar... Protest going on now in PJ &
Shah Alam."

"I" dont wanna be at war just cause of a word, "I" want my peace back!

No offense intended while writing this article so says "I" the writer.


RVL said...

Thanks for dropping by. Nice write up btw and oh, concerning your sms, i fear that it may be a hoax created by individuals to further escalate the situation.

"I" the writer said...

No problem bub', "I" hope this situation doesn't get too serious...