Thursday, 7 January 2010

Disney & Marvel combined

Its been several months since the ground-breaking news of Disney bought over Marvel,
there are still speculations about the event. Nothing Earth shattering has happen, no
titles has been censored to the MAX!, No new animation is relieved. So only time will tell,
will Disney be the best freaking thing that ever happen to Marvel?

For me, "I" the "Spidey-Fan" writer would love to see a cross-over comic, even if involves
Pete & Howard the Duck trying to take control of the Universe.

Venom/Mickey by Serge Kliavaing

Wolverine as Mouseketeer by Charles Allen Harris.

Steamboat Willie/Spider-Man mashup by Andry Rajoelina Andry Rajoelina.

The Fantastic Four meets Michael "Mike" Wazowski by Michael Pumo.
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Wolverine meets Mickey.

Mickey vs. the Marvel Universe.

The Ultimate Alliance by Carlos Lerma.

Huey, Duey, & Luey by Desty.

Nemo as the Sub-Mariner and Donald as Captain America by Alberto Silva.

Jack Skellington as the Ghost Rider, 1 of several crossovers including
101 Abominations posted

Eeyore as Mary Jane Watson via these sites.

Donald Duck as Daredevil - 1 of many mash-ups posted in this forum.

Mickey as Captain America by Jason Ho.

Beast joins the cast of Monsters Inc.

Disney Avengers - 1 of several mash-ups by Matt Occhuizzo posted here.
these sites.

X-Men meets High School Musical. Via.


Kelvin said...

hahaha, Mickey vs. the Marvel Universe. How to fight?

YUKI said...

That's pretty cool!
I like both Disney & Marvel combined.
Good post.

"I" the writer said...

@ Kelvin - Yeah, He will be bitch slap from U.S to India, but then again...what if it was Kingdom Hearts King Mickey? Hmmm...

@ YUKI - Thanks ;) You have a nice site too