Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fat dude at XL Mid-Valley SUX!

Just came back from XL Mid-Valley, collected SIC Kamen Rider Faiz for my friend
& after looking at the
"henshin" video "I" thought of buying 1 for my self. Suddenly
lady luck screwed me from behind like a gay prisoner! The FAT guy gave me the
wrong Rider Form & "I" said that it was the wrong 1. He exchanged it, so "I" asked
for the 1 he gave to me earlier & he said NO. Tried again, can "I" have the Blaster
Form? He said NO. F++K!! BUT! When a Chinese guy asked him, he gave it to him
without a pre-order! DAMMIT! Why? Cause "I" am brown right!

This is not the 1st time, "I" asked to pre-order SIC Kabuto & he said NO, even though
it was sold out, "I" know the buyer can still make a pre-order to order more. DAMN FAT

"I" like the previous care-taker, he was nice & he sold to me a SOLD OUT SIC Kiva!
Even we didn't talk much though but Sam was nice & treated a costumer with manners.
As for the FAT guy, "I" have to say please & thank you. DAMMIT!



discrimination sucks.

Nicholas C said...

Wahahahahah.. If I ever visit XL, I'm gonna be the bitchiest customer to him

"I" the writer said...

@ Ihsan :. & there "I" thought we were 1 Malaysia

@ Nick :. Please do bub! "I" be laughing all the way

Anonymous said...

It is very interestingly written, to the author thanks.

"I" the writer said...

You are so welcome fellow Ulti-Fan

Urutoraman said...

" aku memang tak suka xl mid valley! "

"I" the writer said...

This guy is so much worst compared to last time.