Monday, 4 January 2010

House of Prime

"I" was harassed by a friend of mine a long time ago to post up my Optimus Prime
collection, but
"I" told him that, my collection was not complete! As any Prime
fan would know,
no collection of Transformers is complete without MP4.

But! After 5 freaking years! Believe it! "I" the writer manage to get a hold of
a MP4! It was a dream come true! So here you go! My House of Primes!

Optimal Optimus, my 1st ever Prime.

Potato Prime Cosplay.

Fire Truck Prime at NZ 0.50 cents! Believe it!

Chicks & Prime!

A Generation 2 Prime only at New Zealand 10 dollars! Its a
freaking steal!

Saw the "Buster Version" & it's way better, f++king Habsro people!

Pepsi & G1 Prime? A perfect combo? "I" bought it just for the sake of
Prime "I" guess.

Now on my Prime list is, God Ginrai & G1 Prime, only then "I" will be as happy
the frog who kissed the Princess.

A Small Hot Rod/Rodimus collection

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