Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Final Fantasy 13 is a Joke!

The anticipated Final Fantasy 13 seems to be getting some bad criticism.
As 1 of
the most reviewed game, it was awarded a pathetic freaking 40%
& for those who
have played it...well lets just say that they are not to
happy spending their sushi
money on a "joke" such as this. Here are the
score evaluation:.

System: 1/10 "Such a crude system barely warrants being called an RPG at all."
Scenario: 2/10 "An epic tear jerker." Graphics: 9/10 "Top marks here."
Sound: 7/10 "Mostly quality."

Enthusiasm: 1/10 "As if you could play this for 100 hours! I could put up with 8."

Total: 4/10 "To think it got this bad..."

Here's the criticism :.
The game is complete linearity until the open areas near the end. You
can’t even backtrack. Of all the RPGs I’ve played in recent years, this is the
first which has been so linear that it’s little more than riding an amusement
park ride. I had heard the opinion that "It’s amazing once you get to Chapter
11," but why should you spend 20 or 30 hours on a game to get to the only
enjoyable part? Just how do they intend to make me play this? Do they think
I’m some kind of masochist?

This reviewer goes on to say that, the game play is a button mashing puzzle game
with no real strategy or RPG elements & a plethora of annoying freaking features,
saying the game as a whole is little more than a "digital novel" of sorts. For such a
game to approach 2 million copies sold must be due solely to the strength of the Final
Fantasy brand, he opines, calling it in closing the "biggest swindle in gaming history"
plus! The "biggest joke of '09".

With such bad reviews given by critics & fellow gamers, will this be the down fall of
the fantasy's franchise's?


Danuel said...

I disagree completely. The combat is most definitely not lacking any strategy! If you approach a battle with the wrong strategy or you will die. Also the major part of any final fantasy has most definitely been the storyline and what a story at that! I love it! All Square needs to fix is the linear driven gameplay and also the camera. It can be troublesome, but other than that i think square is back on track making stunning RPGs!

I give it an 8.5! And people need to realize that final fantasy really cant be classified as a single genre. It's like a strategy, RPG, with cut-scenes to take your brain out of your head, paired up with the best graphics of all time.

All I can say is there is room for improvement but overall, pretty good.

"I" the writer said...

WOW! The 1st person that said that it doesnt suck. Good review bub' "I" am keeping the judgment to me self. "I" will play it 1st & talk about it later. My friend said that everything is OK, only the battle system is kinda wack! So..."I" shall wait & see...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but to say the combat system in this game is strategic, is to say that washing a car makes you a mechanic.

The combat system in this game is nearly a replica of 12's horrid system that tries to emulate an MMO feel, like the other party members are actually people and not controlled all by you.

The "strategy" you must be refering to is setting the Paradigm Shift during combat. Let's see. Two offense and one healer then switch them to all offense after you've healed to full.

Considering you can only control ONE person the entire duration of the game, it's like playing chess and only being able to control the king. Someone else will move the other pieces for you. Imagine how much fun that is?

To list a few other things that makes this game feel more like .hack or some other non-final fantasy style game, let me list a few:

*No fanfare music.

*No victory dance.

*Enemy/boss death effects are way too simplistic.

*Lightning gets lighting spells, Snow gets frost spells, Hope gets healing spells? How creative.

*Getting into a battle will reposition everyone completely destroys the seamless feeling the game tries to provide.

* only SIX playable characters and 5 of them introduced in the beginning of the game. No surprises here.

*The music composer was NOT composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Now, I don't hate the music (I love the battle music) but everything else is mundane.

In summary, it's very apparent that Square is moving the direction of the Final Fantasy series to appeal to the masses and not hard-core old-school fans. This game didn't remind me of a Final Fantasy game what so ever.

"I" the writer said...

DAMN! You must really hate this 13th Fantasy episode huh. Well all HOPE goes to Versus 13 "I" guess...