Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Websites that blocks the "Deisgners Block"!

"I" the writer dares to say, at least 2K of designers around the globe are having
a "designer's block" right this minute! "I" the writer being 1 of them. What does
this mean? It means, Our design brain stops! It's impossible for it work, no matter
how "hard" we try to design. It always seems to end up in the recycling bin. Do not
fear fellow designers! "I" the writer will save your day! Introducing, websites that
"I" the writer uses to un-clog that block.

Grab an ol' cup of joe', sit back & surf to your hearts content. Ideas will surely
make its stop into that creative mind of yours.

Shows exactly that, a great mix of fantastic websites.

This! is the website that "I" the writer always use! Not only do they
showcase great designs, but if you’re a web designer you’ll find their
CSS tips & tricks, layout guides & other articles will have you itching
to try new things with your next design.

Stuck with a logo? Well get inspired!

Choose the right color to match.

Great place for photos!

Icons are so hot right now & IconBuffet gives away icons for a full belly!

All in 1 for all types of designers!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
[to the Princess, who he believes is contemplating suicide] When you wake up
in the morning and find yourself dead, you'll regret it.

-You're Telling Me!- Sam Bisbee

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