Friday, 21 August 2009

Japanese Women says “Date Losers to Avoid Cheating!”

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! The latest input for Japanese women to avoid
the scourge of infidelity from their partners is to date an otaku & others who look incapable
of getting any, which includes nerds/geeks/fan-boys as of course it will be harder for
them to betray DAMN! How insecure can "they" the Japanese chicks get!

A small survey has revealed that 30% of Japanese chicks respondents had experienced
cheating & "counter-attack" to this problem was to find a man who couldn’t cheat if he
wanted to, whether by choice or ineptitude.
1 of the chicks says of her boyfriend, who
has no interest in fashion or other signs of treachery:

“My current man is a conservative, scientific type I met through friends. Even if he is
unfashionable, I feel secure with him. I definitely recommend a loser man for that reason.”

But! Another was doubtful:

“You want a man who nobody else is interested in? Aren’t you lonely? I like popular types.
If you relax with a man like that just because he’s plain it’s probably even more dangerous!”

Damningly observes, “However, this only applies to rich men". Dammit! "I" the writer
thought that "I" the writer could get a Japanese chick! F++K! Common Kawaii-chicks!
the freakin' writer is a nerd!

.........Even though its impossible, a nerd can dream right.....

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
A man without dreams is as empty as a vacant lot. Everyone needs dreams.
-Vacant Lot- Polaris


Viya said...

Would this be a trend in malaysia soon? hmm...

renaye said...

why so desperado?? women can live without men and vice versa perfectly fine. it's friends we cannot live without.

"I" the writer said...

Viya: Maybe, who knows...Geeks/Nerds are good guys after all ;)

Renaye: Agreed with the friends part but sometimes the power of "luv" is still needed in every being...