Monday, 24 August 2009

Puasa Time Mis-Adventures

"I" the writer kinda hates the Puasa month, no offense. Just cause "I" the writer looks
like a malay, does not mean "I" the freakin' writer is a malay. We have different mixture
of races in this United Nation called Malaysia. So be open-minded bub, "I" the writer am
a hybrid, a mixture of 2 races from the east & west! But no matter what, this happens
to me every single year...

It all started with me goin' for lunch, while going down the escalator, "I" the writer over-
heard a "good English" speaking dude explaining that he forgot it was the Puasa month &
made coffee plus drank it in front of his Muslim friends. He continued to say "I" was like
oops...I forgot it was the Puasa month, looks like I wont be drinking coffee for the month"

he then laughs MUAHAHAHHA!

As my stomach growls for sustenance, "I" the writer went to "Cold Storage" for some
good 'ol RM1.90 fried chicken. As "I" the writer was reaching for the tweezers, eyes
where already lookin' at me like "I" the freaking writer was ghost or a freakin' "prawn"
from District 9! The coffee dude was standing beside me, he was giving me "The Look".
Looking away & looking at me was so freakin' annoyin' DAMN! It seems like "I" the writer
was on the "Most wanted" list!

Later! while paying, the cashier also gave me the freakin' look & have the freakin' boobs to
ask me
"tak puasa ke? Dosa tau, nanti I panggil polis. Baru tau" SH+T! ("I" the writer didn't
say it out loud & its not polite to curse a lady)

"I" the writer then spoke to her in my "mother-language" "I'm not a malay, I'm a Eurasian"
A mixture of races. As quick as she "kinda" fired me, she shut her pie-hole & said "Sorry Sir"
DAMN! Now that's the respect "I" the writer was looking for. Tomorrow is another "Brand New
Day" What exciting story will "I" the writer have in store for my Ulti-Fans? Tune in next time

quote of the day!
Sadie always says, 'Love is just a stop light away' - too bad this town is full of freeway
-L.A. Knights- Max



I guess you have to get used to it. I've heard of some orang asli having to deal with it as well.

Julya said...


"I" the writer said...

Ihsan - Yeah, "I" the writer guess that "I" the writer will have to get used to it...but "I" the writer doesnt want to get USED to it!

JULYA - Ya...its all fun & games till "I" the writer 1 day gets hit by the men in blue for changing the name on my I.C!