Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sarah Connor Chronicles X'ed!

At the end of season 2, 90's John Conner went to the future! & "they" the future haven't
heard of the all so savior of the world John Conner! What in the blue hell!? "We" the
freaking viewers was at the end of our seats/beds, DAMN! What will happen next?

Well, The wait is over! Thinking that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles would somehow
come back for a 3rd season is officially dead! The all mighty "FOX" upfront presentation where
the network revealed it's 2009-2010 schedule & didn’t include Terminator, & now there’s no
chance in hell of it coming back. Hows that for a peaceful future!

It would seem that the show’s ratings went down the river, it was worse than those of the
other Friday night sci-fi series, Dollhouse, which got picked up, but DAMN! There’s apparently
only room for one poorly-rated sci–fi series with a die-hard fan base. Dollhouse took the prize!

So for those download-holics, look for another series to fill in your Saturday fever.

quote of the day!
I'm sorry. I wasn't listening. All my brain blood was in my boner.
-Year One- Zed

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