Sunday, 23 August 2009

A lazy productive Sunday

Today! The 1st time in many many many months, "I" the writer stayed home &
lay-back to relax. "I" the writer in a long freakin' time woke up at 10am! DAMN!
It was a freakin' miracle for me to be even waking up at 9am but 10am is just overboard!,
any how "I" the writer enjoyed tossing & turning in bed. Just dreaming about stuff, it was
a GREAT! feeling indeed

After clearing my eyes, my body automatically went to the PC. Normal humans would
go to bathroom, mirror or even to make a cup of 'joe, but "I" the writer would go to my
sleepless PC to check up on me downloads/facebook/what's new to download.

After spending at least an hour on the "inter-web", "I" the writer then turned to my Hard-
Drive for entertainment. After getting bored of T.V/Astro, "I" the writer turned to the world
of 'BitComet" for my up-to-date viewing pleasure. My all so sweet PC would be ON for nights
just downloading stuff to view.

30 Rock is da BOMB! Tina Fey is just brilliant! "I" the freakin' writer loves her! She is
an all rounder. She writers, acts & produces, plus! she is kinda cute~~wink! "I" the writer
was so glued to that show that "I" the writer watched at least 14 episode in a single
afternoon. Next'ed up, 30 Rock Season 2!

Soon my comedy turned sour when "I" the writer turned ON my PSP. Playing the last levels
of Resistance Retribution was like staring DEATH in the freaking face! The levels was as
hard as trying to "bang" 1 of the Morning Musume chicks. DAMN! But! it was fun, touching
my PSP again after a long time of absence.. Poor PSP...Being left alone at the bottom of my

While playing, my friend SMS'ed me "How to activated my Adobe Illustrator". Easier
typed then done! Bein' pissed as hell, playing my "death" game plus SMS'ing my friend.
"I" the writer received another SMS! DAMMIT! But it was good news, some Lowyat'ter
wants to buy my figures. YEAH! Finally!

"I" the writer made RM230 from my sale & now "I" the writer will continue to watch my
Supernatural season 3! Tomorrow is a Monday & a freakin' busy day it will be for your truly....

Who wants to buy a 16 gig IPod Touch?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
It wouldn't be murder. More like self-defense. It's obvious she could lose some weight.
-T.N.T Jackson- Diana 'T.N.T.' Jackson

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