Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mic Bay's Next Assignment Revealed! - Revenge of the Awesome Babes

"I" the freakin' writer knew it! The Bay is into sizzling-hot-smokin' babes! After getting
a s++t
load of money from "Revenge of the Fallen", Bay has decided to work in the hot
desert taking pictures of super models as his next gig!

From the lair of the all so gorgeous Victoria's Secret site, the hot babes posted images on
Facebook from the "VS 2009 Holiday Shoot" directed by none other. The Bay is still proudly
wearin' his Transformers cap even though he is doing "it" with hot babes. A true TF fan
indeed! From shoting huge-a$$ robots to shots of awesome babes DAMN!

Walk for "The Bay" Bi+ches!

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