Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ultimatum Dead List (Spoiler!)

Holy Pu++y cat dolls! "I" the freaking writer has just finished reading Marvel's Ultimatum
& it was as superb! Why? "you" the reader may ask. Well the answer is as easy as pie,
heroes & villains die!This is not referring to those lame stupid side-line heroes but the
main stream players such as Daredevil & Cyclops. DAMN! The storyline isn't that much
to shout, but Magneto uses verses from the Bible to sum-up him plot.

This is a "U" rating for America comics but the gore level plus the way a hero/villan died
was so f++kin' goooood...Some say that "this!" is the reason why Jeph Loeb left Heroes.
He was right to leave that show & do this, he did a good "freaking" job at Ultimatum,
It is also rumored that, in every 10 years, an "ULTIMATE" event will explode out
of the ultimate line just like Ultimatum. You thought Marvel's Summer event will shock you,
if you read this...it will freaking put you in a coma!
The Ultimate Universe will never be the
same without its major players but who's to say that they are truely dead? Who knows? Well
"the Marvel" writers does!

Here is the list of those who passed away...
Angel - Killed and partially eaten by Sabretooth. (Ultimatum #4)
- Drowned. (Ultimatum #1)

Blob - Head bitten off by Hank Pym. (Ultimatum #3)
- Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)

Captain Britain
- Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimate X-Men #100)

- Shot in the head by Quicksilver. (Ultimatum #5)

- Found dead by Spider-Man. Presumably drowned. (Ultimate Spider-Man #131)

- Drowned. (Ultimatum #1)

- Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)

Doctor Doom
- Head crushed by the Thing. (Ultimatum #5)

Doctor Strange - Killed by Dormammu after his body is constricted, causing his engorged
head to explode. (Ultimatum #4)

Emma Frost
- Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)

- Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)

Franklin Storm
- Killed by the Ultimatum Wave. (Ultimate Fantastic Four #58)

Hard-Drive - Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)
Hank Pym
- Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)

- Hit in the eye by a poisonous dart shot by a Sentinel soldier.
(Ultimate X-Men #99)
Wolverine - Believed dead after the battle with Magneto. His hand is briefly shown
clenching into a fist, indicating that he may be alive. (Ultimatum #5)
- Tortured and killed in the Savage Land. (Ultimatum #3)

- Killed by Wolverine. (Ultimate X-Men #100)

- Killed by Wolverine. (Ultimate X-Men #100)

- Head blown off by Cyclops. (Ultimatum #5)

- Drowned. (Ultimatum #1)

- Blown up by Madrox. (Ultimatum #3)

Professor X
- Neck broken by Magneto. (Ultimatum #2)

- Listed by Marvel as dead, though her death was never shown.

- Blown up by Madrox (Ultimatum #3)

- Dead after one of his heads is blown off by William Stryker.
(Ultimate X-Men #99)

- Surrendered his soul to Valhalla. (Ultimatum #3)

- listed by Marvel as dead, though his death was never shown.

- Partially eaten by the Blob. (Ultimatum #2)

A moment of silence....

quote of the day!
This is the bestest day ever
-Ultimatum #2- Spider-Man


Lizz said...

Yowch. That's a lot of dead heroes! :(

"I" the writer said...

Yup & "I" the writer wonders if the Ultimate line will continue for long if all the "players" are not in it. You a comic geek?

zurairi said...

I believe Jeph Loeb's run on Ultimate Universe was horrible. Read more here.

Ultimatum was a bit late in picking up the pace. I think it only gets good in issue #4.