Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hire me for what "I" do!

What in the blue hell!? "You" the freakin' boss ask of me?

"You" hire me as a designer but make me coordinate with clients the whole day.
hire me as a graphic designer but plead with me to do CSS on a website.

hire me to design but make me chase clients for their artwork.

"You"" hire me as an employee but ask me to use my personal laptop.
"You" hire me as a staff but ask me to do another company's job.
"You" hire me to create but ask me to copy another person's work.
hire me to do layouts but say "I" cant take good pictures.
"You" hire me as 1 but ask me to do 3 people's job.

Just cause "I" the freakin' writer is a nice person & does whatever "you"
ask me to do,
it does not mean "I" the F++king writer lets you use & molest
me like a s++t!.

1 comment:

faizalmukhtar said...

patience , my young padawan. the dark side is reigning within you.