Sunday, 30 August 2009

Happy Holidays Ulti-Fans!

Tomorrow we celebrate our Independence day! & its a freakin' holiday! YEAH!
"I" the writer will be out of my state & off to the state of....Ipoh Parade? Well
"I" the writer does not know what is famous in Ipoh but will surely enjoy the
company of me mates. Good-Cha!

Plus! Clear picture of Super Saiyan-jin 3 Broly
Why is there 1 fringe down? Cant it be 2? DAMN! He looks like Gokou.
"I" the writer wonders if Super Saiyan-jin 4 Gokou Vs. Super Saiyan-jin 3 Broly,
who will
emerge victorious? Hmmm.....

quote of the day!
You're the whitest black man I know, Chappy.
-Q & A- Captain Lt. Michael 'Mike' Brennan, NYPD

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