Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #4 Cover

Fans ether love it or hate every word in it. Spider-Man's Clone saga will always be
1 of Marvel's most controversial storyline. It was the '90's who could blame them right?

Back from the grave, The Clone saga is back with a vengeance. This "stand alone" mini
series is a "restart" for those who hated the clone saga back then. Here is a exclusive
peek of the cover of
Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #4 by Tom Raney & Scott Hanna.

It looks freakin' awesome! so says "I" the writer!

PLUS! Marvel's Danger Girls?

Looks like Marvel's French division has cooked up a juicy story to make you wanna
eat "French-Fries" again! Jean-Luc Sala, a writer who lives in Bordeaux bring you
"Spin Angels".

What in the blue hell is Spin Angels you may ask, well its simply an action-filled story
of a black-ops group of specialists and spies working for a Cardinal of the Catholic
Church, although for French audiences, the comic was known as "Cross Fire".

Well, this comic was a "blast off" success with the "love-making" French audiences,
who were attracted to its "unique" combination of religion and action. As part of Marvel's
ongoing relationship with Soleil, the company decided to publish the comic for American
audiences starting next week with
Spin Angels #1. Get ready! Spin Angles is coming
to a store near you!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

It comes off? DAMN!

Now even PVC comes with a variant edition

Final Form Ridero----Dedede--Den-O

quote of the day!
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-Party Girl (1930)- Ellen Powell

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