Friday, 7 August 2009

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Guess who's back? Back again! 10 freaking years has passed since Ultimate Spider-Man
has launched the Ultimate line into a "freakin'" awesome re-creation of the web-head.
For all of us who were not "created" at the time Spidey 1st encounter with Doc Ock,
we can now "live" the sensation of what our grand-daddy felt when "he" read it!

After the events of Ultimatum, Spidey has been missing or even dead! But now he is
back? What the f++k! How can this be? A new life-stream has been released into the life
of this extraordinary teen with, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man that will undress the "Ripley's
believe it or
not" answer to Spidey's mysterious disappearance during Ultimatum.

This NEW Ultimate Spider-Man line will get a new supporting cast, new villains & maybe
even a new Spider-Man? (cough~~~Ben Reily), this new chapter will keep you guessing
month after month. Join Eisner Award-winning writer BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS in introducing new

"I" the writer is pumped up for this! Here's a peek at whats to come.

quote of the day!
She is a prisoner, floating in darkness... Like the unborn in the womb...
Soon, I will find her... And I will set her free...

-F.E.A.R- Paxton Fettel