Friday, 14 August 2009

A freakin' brain wreckin' Thursday!

From bein' a freaking designer, "I" the freaking writer has become a marketing person,
& "I" the freaking writer kinda LIKES it. DAMN! "I" the writer was invited to a tea party
(not the girly ones) at Prince Court hospital in KL, it was a privilege indeed. The crowd
was as packed as a Friday night club, it was the 1st time "I" the writer has seen so
many happy faces in 1 room at a freakin' hospital! WOW! A place where people get
treatment for being sick has become a place of celebration!

This was Malaysia's 1st ever "Big Tea Cup Party" for cancer awareness! & "I" the writer
was passing around my 1st ever name card (after workin' for 4 freaking years) but was as
shy as virgin, people were asking me questions & "I" the writer noticed fake smiles plus
eyes lookin' else where as my work-mate explained what "we" do. DAMN! Are we that

As they officially launched this event, they had some of the Cancer awareness people
drink some "tea" fresh from the tree. As you can see in the picture below. It was a
big deal for some people but as for me...the food was great! The choco-puffs was
Guess who was in front of me?

This event was also a LIVE broadcast on TV3! It was featured on "Wanita Hari Ini" LIVE!
While a white big bog was speaking about Cancer & stuff regarding that, the "subs" was
LIVE on the magic box as he spoke! DAMN! How!?

As the show went on, "I" the writer's hand was shaken by "Chef Wan"! & "I" the writer
didn't know he was vertical-ly inspired like your truly. It was an honor to have meet a
man who was goin' to be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show ( "I" the writer heard him
say that ) He was a jovial man & the way he talks was funny! Even thought "I" the writer
hasn't seen his show...

Over all it was a nice plus fun experience for me, wining the lucky draw was the best!
But the prize was a free slimming & face treatment at Prince Court, anybody wants?

But the night wasn't over! "I" followed my X-lecturer to a SEX "work shop" DAMN! It was
a strange/new/out-of-this world/ experience for me & "I" the freaking writer for the 1st
freaking time in my life, felt so freakin' stupid! F++K! The topics was how "we" the people
gain better understanding of our sexuality rights.

"I" the writer respect's all those people who participated because the spoke like DAMN! freakin'
good & it makes freaking scenes & there "I" the writer thought that "doing it" was pure fun &
no stress to it...but "I" the freaking writer thought wrong.



faizalmukhtar said...

i envy u my friend. U lead a cool life. Really.

"I" the writer said...

No la bub' if it was a cool life, "I" the writer will be ambushed by woman by now..."I" the writer is a normal slave to the company...