Monday, 29 June 2009

Virgins Rare in Japan’s Schools

DAMN! Otaku are struggling to come to terms with their enforced celibacy after
recent surveys revealed that half of all third year high schoolers were no longer
virgins, marking them as even more abnormal than they thought.

The surveys conducted by Japan’s Family Planning Association revealed that 47.3%
of boys & 46.5% of girls had some experience of sex by their third year of high school,
which coupled with results from other age groups shows a general trend towards sex
at earlier ages. Kids these days...

However, observers were puzzled by the 40% decrease in sexual aspirations amongst
younger children since the last time the survey was conducted in 1999, now it seems
31% of boys & 14% of girls in their third year of middle school
"would like to try" sex,
which could either mean their sexual ambitions have decreased, or possibly that they
have already tried…

In spite of all this, a disturbing 15% of boys & 18% of girls agreed with the propositions that
"it’s best not to have sex"
(which bodes ill for the Japanese race) and "sex is best left until
(which in Japan will usually mean waiting until their thirties) but during these times
of lust,
who in the blue hell does that?

Online reactions range from
"I won’t accept it!" to "It seems healthy that there is no great
gap between the sexes here"
, & of course the blustering "We should be proud that we made
it this far as virgins!"
(were they unlucky or tried but failed)...


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Lisa717 said...

hmmm~ Speechless to read of what is happening to Japanese youngsters nowaday~~