Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Final Fantasy XIII

This trailer looks more to the storyline but also reviles the gameplay & the
walk through. The summons looks supreme! This games really does give
me a feel of Final Fantasy VII, "I" the writer wonders who will be the new
Will it be a chick? "I" the writer keeps my fingers crossed for

PLUS: James Marsters (Piccolo, DragonBall Evolution) has apparently been
given the OK! "...
actually tell that there is going to be a sequel," to the American-
made live-action movie. There is no word on anything other than beginning to film
the movie after his tour in the spring and summer. DAMN!

Bonus: Look who's back from the dead yet again!

quote of the day!
Canine ownership has nothing to do with mankind's love of animals.
A guy gets a dog for one simple reason: to meet chicks.

-Nice guys sleep alone- Pat

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Lisa717 said...

BRAVO!!! I love the final fantasy video clip!! I wish there is a movie for this latest season!!