Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Steve Rogers returns in Captain America Reborn!

Just like Superman, Steve Rogers is too good a character to kill off so what
does "they" the writers do? They bring him back to life of course. He is after
all the one true Captain America. If they keep him dead is like keeping America
dead & we all know in times of economy crisis, we need a hero to count on.

How can Steve Rogers return from the dead, & will his rebirth be enough to stop
the global threat of his sworn enemy? Hitting shelves on July 1st, the special five
part series Captain America Reborn finally reveals the true scope of the Red Skull’s
nefarious plan, & begins Captain America’s triumphant return.

quote of the day!
Gee whiz, Mr. President.
-Captain America (1990)- Captain America

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