Friday, 26 June 2009

China gives Transformers 2 the bottom line!

Looks like the Chinese humans are outraged by the Shanghai scene in the film.
The Chinese have flooded the web denouncing how Shanghai, one of the top
cities in the country, appears very drab in the film, reports
People Daily Online.

The China people consider the attack/booming of Shanghai city an "an insult to China".
Now Paramount Pictures
is considering if that scene should be "cut" out from the film.
The movie is released on June 26th, but many Chinese believe it is simply not enough.
"I" the writer smells MONEY!

The newspaper doesn't offer any fit argument but the only way to get past this dark cloud
is just this :-
reform & construct [our] cities. Forbidding others to talk about our deficiencies
& pretending to be perfect while we are not is only fooling ourselves.
China dudes! Common! It's just a FREAKING movie! RELAX!

Michael Jackson has passed away. He was 50. "I" the writer send my deepest
condolences to his loved ones. May his soul rest in the "Neverland" that he dreamed of

- coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.
-Kiss or Kill- Detective Hummer

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