Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ultimate Spider-Man R.I.P

It's true! True believers! Looks like the grim-reaper has finally dragged
our beloved Ultimate friendly neighborhood
Spider-Man to the Death Realm.
Ultimate Spider-Man #133 is the last of the series & “I” the
writer is freaking
pissed about it! How could “they” the comic writers have done such a diabolical


Well as “we” the comic geeks know that, every important hero comes back to life
in the Marvel
Universe. Look at Captain America, they shot him but the red, white &
blue costume refused to die.

Who will be the next Ultimate Spider-Man? Will the battle for the cowl begin in the
Ultimate Universe?
Or will 1 of the Spider-Clones replace the original? ~cough~ Ben
Raily ~cough~ Or will this be the “real” end
of Ultimate Spider-Man?


square said...

spiderman cant die? they killed cap america already

"I" the writer said...

Well that is in the original Marvel universe, in the Ultimate Universe is a different story so says "I" the writer.