Friday, 19 June 2009

Transformers: Blood boiling info

"I" the writer simply can't wait for this "freaking" movie! Why is "time" testing my limits?
Common next Wednesday! Mr.Bay really does love to tease "us" the fans huh. Here are
more Transformers 2 stuff to keep you boiling/cursing father time.

New T.V shots
The tease is limitless! F++K!

Mr. Bay Makes It Into Guinness Book of World Records
What for you ask? Well for biggest explosion on film of course!
He keeps on pushing the limits of action films to the limit with every
film he makes, he has finally made his mark in the Guinness Book of
World Records.

More Transformers 2 Screen Shots

If "I" the writer get a dog, "I" the writer would name it Bumblebee.

Megatron VS. Starscream!?

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Would this be the real color style?

quote of the day!
God's benison go with you. And with those that would make good of bad,
and friends of foes.

-Macbeth- The Holy Father

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Lisa717 said...

me too cant wait for Transformer 2!!! *roar*