Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Dynamic Duo

Look familiar? Well look again, this is the new adult-kid team. It's the new
Batman & Robin! plus a new Batmobile that looks like a U.F.O. Who in the
blue hell is this new duo? Well is none other the the former Robin/Nightwing,
Dick Grayson as Batman, & Bruce Wayne's son Damian Wayne as Robin.
Believe it!

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's Batman & Robin #1 will be coming to a all
so rare comic shop this month in Malaysia.

The original Batman is apparently have been transported to a parallel world or
the past by the hands of Darkseid in
Final Crisis #6 rather than being killed
(YES! he is not dead, just stuck!), it seems a fair assumption that the original
Batman will eventually reclaim his cowl but till that time, will the new Dark Knight
& Boy Wonder keep the crying city of Gotham out of chaos? or will the destruction
of Gotham be caused by them?

Revenge of the Fallen - Jolt

- coming to a store near you!

J to the Lo in da anime house!

Wave 3!

quote of the day!
Ah, Batsy, back again? You can't erase all your hard work now! It's all flames
and giggles from here on out!

-Batman: Vengeance- Joker

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