Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It grinds my gears!

Just cause "I" the writer looks Malay does not mean "I" the writer is Malay.
"I" the writer delivered my design to a printing company & "I" the writer said
"Hi, I called you earlier about the banner design" The dude replied to me
"Tunggu sekejap ar" so far so good?

After waiting for a nano-sec or 2, the guy said "Berapa you mou print?" "I" the writer
replied "Only 1 please" YES! "I" the writer can be a polite person. After passing
to him my CD and a print out of my design, "I" the writer asked him "Can it be done
by Thursday?". The balls the guys must have or a short term memory loss, replied
"Boleh" He then turns to his friend and says "Thursday can right?" DAMN! After all
this while "I" the writer is speaking in English & he dares not speak in my native
language to me! "I" the writer though that he does not know English but...DAMN!

This is not the 1st time, this has happen many times to "I" the writer & "I" the writer is
not pleased! Maybe they think "I" the writer is trying to improve my English by speaking
it. Curses! Just think of what "I" the writer goes through during "puasa" time...

- coming to a store near you!

Rocky USB? DAMN!

More Gashapons! The details are "Ultra'!

Designer Ultra gashapon?

quote of the day!
That's life. Those are life. This is life. They're all lives
-Excel Saga- Excel

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