Sunday, 28 June 2009

The battle for the Spot begins!?

"I" the writer created & is the soul owner of "my" WWW called Unlimited Spot. This universe
of mine, "I" the writer created was for & to improve my writing skills. "I" the writer also
homosepience all over this known world with what "I" the writer is interested in,
an upload of my hobby onto the minds of others. This space of mine also includes stories of
my 2 unusual friends gunbalde99 & Jeremy (Thanks Bros!)

This space of mine has also seen its dark days, but was overcome by diligence & courage.
"I" the writer also has been tagged by 1 of those famous website/forums:
cardew1975: the footage was removes on you tube but you can check it here .

& was warned by Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The notice that they received
from Paramount Pictures regarding an "Exclusive Transformers 2: Revenge of Fallen" clip.

Unlimited Spot was tagged by 1 of those unusual/strange/fan-feast websites too:
regarding a post about Dragon Ball Evolution, an interview with James.

A cosplay gone wrong forum post also featured my blog in their post.
This page has some winners! ... Elektra (you'll see!)

With this so called famed post, there must also come a "destroyer". This person claims that
this blogspot belongs to him/her/it. It dares to "give" a name, revieling the true identity of
"I" the writer plus post this hideous name on it's blog. "I" the writer does not go by the name
"Elson♥" with a love symbol at the back!

Only a few has seen the face behind the mask of "I" the writer & its not you! ProStyles!

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