Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Clone Saga is back! Yeah!

Yes! Finally "I" the writer get to read the most controversial saga in the Marvel Universe!
Its here! Its coming into my sweet life this
September '09. "I" the writer can't wait to read
it,& "I" the writer will read it till "I" the writer explode with "over-joy". It will be "mind-blasting"!

Why re-live this awesome saga? well, this is how "they" the writers wanted it to end. This
from the minds behind the crossover that changed comics forever & the artist that
introduced Spider-Man to President Obama, it's 6 issues of twists and turns that will shock
fans old & new alike! Be here as Peter Parker's worst nightmare begins again…now with an
ending you have to see to believe!

Re-animate the 90's once more with this saga.

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