Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The PSP has gone to the next level! It has exceeded the bounds of the
normal PSP. The birth of PSP-Go or PSP 2 will be smashing stores
Autumn '09.

The major change is clearly directly linked to this, the PSP-Go gains a very
reasonable 16GB of solid state memory, along with a slot allowing use of
another memory device. Bluetooth support is also added (kelw!).

The most immediately noticeable change is of the course the redesigned slimline
form of the case, using a slide-out form factor familiar from mobile phones, and
by the looks of it allowed by the removal of the relatively bulky optical drive. The
design is being compared to a previous Sony product, the "mylo", and indeed it is
the spitting image of that device.

"I" the writer still hopes that this would be made in to a phone/gaming device...

quote of the day!
Want to hear something sad? I use an ergonomic keyboard to keep my
repetitive stress injury in check. Just the fact that I repeat something
enough that it causes me stress is fucking sad.

-Wanted- Wesly


Lisa717 said...

awww~~ hope i own 1 too..hehehhe^^

Boon said...

I find it weird to have the button on the bottom, esp on the sliding part. The current PSP handling seem more sturdy then this.

But I guess it is a matter of getting use to it.

Look cool.