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Transformers 2 MAX spoilers!

These are major damn spoilers to the MAX for Revenge of the Fallen. This was taken from the TFormers Community has some rather large plot lines & reveals a decent number of spoilers.
Be warned!

The AllSpark constructed 13 Primes... the first Transformers. They needed more energy to grow Cybertron, so they developed the "Matrix of Leadership" to supply power to a huge machine, which extracts energy from stars. They traveled the universe draining energy from stars (careful only to drain stars whose loss of energy will not cause the destruction of any living entity in it's solar system). However, "The Fallen" is a Prime who cares little for this rule. Their next targeted star is our own, and the timeframe is thousands of years prior to modern day. Once the Primes learn of early life on Earth, they of course choose not to drain it's star. However, "The Fallen" rebels against his 12 brothers and decides that he wants the Matrix all to himself. To protect everyone from "The Fallen's" plans, the 12 Primes seal themselves (along with the Matrix) inside a hidden tomb on Earth. The tomb has remained hidden for thousands of years, while "The Fallen" has awaited it's rediscovery in outer space. With a rediscovery, only one can defeat him, and that is Optimus Prime, The Last Prime.

As we know from the trailers, Sam is on his way to college and packing his "lucky" shirt from the AllSpark battle months earlier. When he picks it up, a small fragment of the AllSpark drops out in his hand. While being examined, it suddenly starts to glow and burn, while also programming his mind with the symbols that we've also seen on the trailer.

He drops the AllSpark fragment, which burns through the floor and lands in the kitchen below, sending AllSpark shockwaves into the kitchen appliances. It turns everything with circuits into Transformers... microwave, toaster oven... you get the picture. The appliances corner Sam, who runs out and yells for Bumblebee's assistance. Bumblebee to the rescue, practically leveling the house.

(I assume this scene effectively answers the question about why his house appears destroyed in various trailer scenes.)

In all fairness to everyone who worked so hard on this film, I'd rather just answer questions from this point instead of spoiling the rest of the movie. Fire away!

Okay, so after Sam's house is totaled (and the books differ on this somewhat, as one mentions the crazy kitchen appliance attack and the other does not) both books continue with Sam heading out to college. He meets his new roomie and a "special girl" who is "really interested" in him just across the hall. I think most of us know who she is (PRE***DER) due to much speculative buzz.

While this is going on, Soundwave is basically in charge of bringing back Megatron, who we obviously know returns from the trailers.

Megatron immediately takes off to outer space and communicates with "The Fallen", who it appears has been the head Decepticon leader the whole time... which I suppose makes sense, since they've both been around the Earth for a similar length of time. Anyhow, Megatron has got to track down Sam, since he has the coordinates in his head for locating the Matrix.

(I'm leaving out some really cool fight scenes and story chunks in the midst of everything, since not all really seem to have anything to do with moving the story forward, so you should still be pleasantly surprised.)

However, one fight is crucial, with Optimus facing an attack. This leaves him wounded and so it becomes more important than ever for Sam to find the Matrix. One of the next locations finds Sam in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. where he links up with a certain massive "old" jet, who still wears a Decepticon symbol. The jet is on display and is reactivated with Sam's AllSpark fragment. (I think this description is accurate... don't have the book in front of me at the moment.) It turns out that this character doesn't much care to be a Decepticon anymore and so offers to help Sam find the Matrix. Again, since Optimus is the only one who can stop "The Fallen", he must be repaired before anything can be done.

Long story short, Jet Fire warps the gang off to Egypt where they find the tomb, where a large battle ensues for the Matrix possession. (P.S. I think the silver object seen in the trailers is indeed the Matrix.) "The Fallen" returns and snatches it as one of Egypt's pyramids actually houses the star machine. However, we learn that Megatron had thought he would be given the Matrix, so he could become a Prime as well... kinda like a shunned family member. Bummer for him.

Optimus ends up with it (which is a given regardless of what is shared here) leaving everyone to take a whooping and again I'm leaving some large story chunks out, but I just can't bring myself to tell everything. That's pretty much the jist of the story... Optimus gets his "Prime" on and becomes the true leader, as we all know he has been. Sam learns something about himself and his connection to the Transformers race, so I think the producers are leaving all kinds of avenues for the third film.

Again, the books seem to differ on various parts of the story, so I can't be sure what's actually included in the movie itself. I'm sure they did this on purpose, since these books are already available. Regardless, I think the overall plot is pretty clear, which is what I've outlined. Anyhow, this is my review and my opinion is that I think it will be a great movie!

By the way, a little tidbit that I found interesting is that "The Fallen's" face is actually the reference source for the Decepticon symbol that we all know so well.

Class Dismissed...

So far, I don't recall reading about any secret characters, although that certainly doesn't mean anything, since they might have been omitted from the books. I can say that the ice cream truck shown in earlier set images, is in fact the twins Mudflap and Skids, prior to their taking on their Smart Car forms. "How does one truck contain two Transformers?" you might ask. The ice cream truck splits in half, like a double ice cream bar, and each half transforms into the twins.

Ravage carries "The Doctor" around with him, which is a small spider-like Transformer. "Wheels" is of course an RC truck, so he's a pretty small little Transformer as well.

Regarding Jet Fire's ability to teleport, he can open up a trans-dimensional space bridge, which is how they teleport to Egypt. He also tells the story about how "The Fallen" (one by one) deactivated 11 of the 12 Primes, leaving one to bury himself with the Matrix. I assume that Jet Fire was a Decepticon at that time, which is why he still lives to tell the story.

According to the book I read, you don't really see Devastator form and take action until the final battle at the movie's end. However, the Constructicons appear to be in scenes throughout. The funny part is that the Autobots are too busy with "The Fallen" and Megatron to deal with Devastator. It's the humans that must take action against him.

Okay, here are my facts... I've read one of the two books so far and am about 20% done with the Junior Novel. I will post new information as I come across it.

Regarding "The Doctor", he crawls inside of Megatron's body and inserts the AllSpark fragment to jolt him back. I haven't see anymore with him beyond that, but still have quite a bit of the Junior Novel left to read. I am noticing that the novel is much more detailed than the theme books. (The Last Prime, etc) so I expect to see more of him.

I think people who are unaware of Alice's true mission, will be shocked when they see the movie. The writing goes pretty far to highlight her and Sam's relationship, so much that some people may actually believe she will replace Makayla as his girlfriend. In reality, she's more of a Decepticon style Terminator, so people may draw alot of correlations to the FOX "Sarah Conner Chronicles". In the writing, she appears very much like the new Terminator designs that show emotion, etc. Anyhow, I still give them kudos for inserting a Pretender in the movie. The correlation cannot be avoided, since Pretenders would very well appear as a robot under flesh. Again, most viewers will have no clue, whereas they might guess it if they were watching the Terminator show or movie. I'm in part of the novel now, where she has revealed herself and is chasing down Sam, Makayla, and his roomie.

I haven't come across anything concerning Frenzy or Barricade yet, but again it doesn't mean it's not there. The only Starscream tidbit I've noticed so far is that he gets clocked in the face by Megatron while he's communicating with "The Fallen" on the Decepticon "Nemesis" ship. Megatron appears none too pleased with Starscream for leaving him to rust at the bottom of the ocean. By the way, Megatron's relationship with "The Fallen" reminds me of a Star Wars master and apprentice relationship. In the book, "The Fallen" actually addresses Megatron as his apprentice.

Some "spoilish" pics, again this was from a kiddie novel I got today so don't expect too much details. Apparently after hacking into a satellite, Soundwave sends ravage to get a piece of an Allspark fragment held in some kind of vault. The constructicons find Megatron and the doctor installs the Allspark fragment which brings Megatron on line. To which the decepticons go to war with the autobots.

Wow... I am shocked to see that I received a promo on the home page! Now, I really can't let anyone down. Thankfully, I just finished the Junior Novel and have many more tidbits to offer!

Okay, I will see if I can't touch on everyone's questions and comments thusfar:

1) Can you shed some light on the scenes with "the Doctor"? Torture scenes are a big turn off to me, especially in movies with a TOY LINE, so I'd like to know what to expect.
My Answer: "The Doctor" gets blown apart pretty quickly in the book, right as he is about to torture Sam, so no torture scene.

2) What role does Starscream play in the books? Also, care to spill the beans about Barricade, Alice and any Frenzy updates? I ask because Frenzy is mentioned in the prequel novel.
My Answer: There is no mention of "Frenzy" or "Barricade". Now that I have finished the novel, I can say that it appears Starscream receives a lot of face time throughout the movie. The book also makes no further mention of Alice after they flee from her. As far as I know, she is not destroyed, and man does she pack a punch!

3) Megatron answers to nobody!! That's how I have always seen it. Don't know how I feel about this,
So who dies?
Did Megs want 2 of Sideswipe as well?
Did Op and JF combine?

So good guys win at the end again right? Nothing about the Decepticons? Like they still have a trick up their sleeves or something. What about Soundwave, did he ever appear?

My Answer: I understand the feeling that Megs should not answer to anyone, but you've got to understand that "The Fallen" is one of the original 12 Transformers produced by the AllSpark through the Matrix of Leadership. He is a "Prime", and the one who caused the initial split which led to the formation of the Decepticon faction. He's like the President of the Decepticons, with Megatron as the General. Megs still has the highest military rank on the battlefield, but "The Fallen" seems to be the mastermind behind him. I think Megs only follows his orders, because he was promised to be made into a Prime as well.

Again, I am only going by what I read in the book, so the movie could differ, but the list of expired Transformers in the film include "The Doctor" and "Jet Fire".

I'm not sure I understand the Sideswipe question? There is only one Sideswipe in the book.

Jet Fire sacrifices himself, so Optimus can be upgraded with his parts (wings, engines, etc) in order to deactivate the solar device.

The good guys do win, so this doesn't seem to be the "Empire Strikes Back" type of ending that some people might have been expecting. However, the two books I read gave very different accounts of the final battle's final moments. One account has Optimus killing "The Fallen" and basically ripping Megatron to pieces (we're talking arm removal, destroying his legs, etc) while the Junior Novel has Megatron escaping and "The Fallen" being cast into a wormhole purgatory of sorts. So, even in the books, I think the producers want to keep us guessing to some extent. My guess is that when the books were written, the book writer's adapted the storylines from different script revisions. There will still probably be changes in the final film, but I feel that the overall story will not change. I think Michael Bay is a pretty smart guy, and he would anticipate these books getting out early, so the final shooting script was most likely not adapted. Hey, I don't know of any rule that says you have to adapt a movie's novel adaptation from the final script draft.

Soundwave does seem to appear quite a bit in the Junior Novel, but does not ever leave space. He is jamming transmissions and listening to "chatter" about the events below. He is especially busy tracking Sam, etc.

4) What about Jazz?
My Answer: I didn't see Jazz in either of the books.

5) Im interested in what Transformers make an appearance, so far there's:
Megatron - My Answer: Yep
Blackout - My Answer: Yep
Starscream - My Answer: Yep
Soundwave - My Answer: Yep
Ravage - My Answer: Yep
The Doctor (Scalpel) - My Answer: Yep
Alice? - My Answer: Yep
Long Haul - My Answer: Yep
Mixmaster - My Answer: Yep
Demolishor - My Answer: Yep
Rampage - My Answer: Yep
Overload? - My Answer: Yep
Scavenger? - My Answer: Yep... I assume those are the six Constructicon names in the film... the books do not name them all.
Sideways - My Answer: Not in the books.
Optimus - My Answer: Yep
Bumblebee - My Answer: Yep
Ratchet - My Answer: Yep
Ironhide - My Answer: Yep
Sideswipe - My Answer: Yep
Mudflap - My Answer: Yep
Skids - My Answer: Yep
Arcee - My Answer: Not in the books.
Chromia - My Answer: Not in the books.
Moonracer? - My Answer: Not in the books.
Jolt - My Answer: Not in the books.
Jetfire - My Answer: Yep
Anyone else in them books we werent aware of? - My Answer: Yep... from the Decepticon Nemesis ship, Megatron releases I think 15 or 16 Decepticons who were in cyro-sleep or something similar. I can't be sure who all of these are, but it is mentioned in the Junior Novel.
And does Soundwave get any friggin sreen time or is he just in space the entire time. My Answer: I already covered this above.

6) What happens to Mikela? (Does she actually fight or is she just draped over various vehicles again?)
My Answer: She definately appears to kick more butt this time, especially with Wheels as he is initially a Decepticon spy trying to steal Sam's fragment from her dad's shop. However, they appear to become quite close, as he becomes more her "pet" Transformer in the end. Mikaela also has a little encounter with Alice, although brief since Alice has just revealed herself.

7) I want to know if you know how many Tranfromers are in the movie, if you can't answer that then what Autobot would die to kill Devastator?
My Answer: I covered the Transformer names above. No autobot dies fighting Devastator that I know of. It's the humans that have to take him out. The bots are busy fighting each other, while Devastator is busy demolishing the pyramid to reveal the machine inside.

8) Wow, I told myself I wouldn't look at spoilers for this much for self control
Anyway here's some quick questions:
* What role does Jolt play in the book? My Answer: I saw nothing about Jolt.
* Do Jetfire and Optimus combine and if so when and against who? My Answer: I covered this above.
* Does Mudflap get destroyed by Devastator? (The recent trailer showed him getting sucked into a vortex) My Answer: I saw nothing about this incident in the books.

9) I bet the matrix is that claw looking object sam is holding.
My Answer: You are correct.

10) So, Transformer character descriptions... y'all gonna post some? and I mean what the books have to say about them...
My Answer: The books don't really seem to spend time describing anymore details than we already know about the characters.

11) WHAT, IF ANYBODY CAN TELL ME, IS SOUNDWAVE'S EARTH FORM?!?!?! *sigh* and I'm certain it's not a silverado like the concept art shows because he's supposedly taller than long haul... who in these pics looks taller than Meggers...hhhhmmmmmmmm
My Answer: He does not have an Earth form that I saw in the books.

12) So is Starscream alive at the end?
My Answer: As far as I could tell, he escapes as usual

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