Saturday, 2 May 2009

Final Fantasy XIII Facts

A Final Fantasy VII re-make? Can it really be true? Find out more
from this GT POP BLOCK.

PLUS: Final Fantasy through the console years.

Dragon Ball : Kai : Saiya-jin Invasion
Why cant this be on the freaking PSP, it remines me of those old
DB games on my micro genius. The days of long along where life
was as still as water, without a care in the world.

PLUS: A Saiya-jin invasion? T.V spot

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Ahh...remember the golden years...

Patience is a vertue...When is that as cute as this figure
girl coming in my life...

"Stop! I command you!"

Has anyone seen the "MAN-Thing" movie? Well its not like
the other Marvel movies "I" the writer can tell you that much.

Ahhh...hold it together...

DAMN! the ab-pax are showing, hunting zombies must be
a major workout huh.


Must keep my composure...must...

Woman or Man? Who dares to find out?

How can she fight like this? or how can anyone fight her in that suit?



Beloved childhood figure.


Must resist...but can't....DAMMIT!


quote of the day!
Three words? They hired a poet to do three fucking words?
-Twin Town- Terry

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