Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Revenge of the Fallen T.V spots

"I" the writer is still drooling over these clips....3 new spots have been
unleashed, entitled, "It's On...," "Greatest Enemy," & "Forms." Each clip
gives us some brand-new looks at some robots, including Sideswipe, &
the Devastator combining!

It's On.


The Greatest Enemy

Plus: Production Stills
Throw a coin & make a wish!

The big O.P's entrance

Alice (played by Isabel Lucas)

I'll show you my anti "N.B.E" weapons...

Sam's bro?

I hunt with big GUNS

Run Sam, run!

Bonus: Factory G1 Matrix Of Leadership Packaging

quote of the day!
Eyes are like words... they can be read, it's amazing how much I already
know about you just by what your eyes have told me.

-Last Night I Fell Again- Woman

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