Saturday, 2 May 2009

First Official 'Iron Man 2' Image

Enjoy the first official photo from Iron Man 2 supplied by Paramount.
opens May 7, 2010, takes place six months after Stark revealed
his identity as Iron Man, says director Jon
Favreau & the development
is playing out with unexpected results.
"How many superheroes are
open about their true identities?"
he asks.
"We wanted to play with
that idea. But it obviously has consequences
in his relationships, on
the team. There are a lot of areas we can

"I" the writer smells "Civil War" (smiles to myself)

Plus: Death Note the U.S destruction version.
Yes! You are reading it correct, there is no need to adjust your screen
or change the language of your PC.
Hollywood studio Warner Brothers
has obtained the rights to produce a live-action movie adaptation of
supernatural suspense manga Death Note, it has been revealed.

Warner Brothers has brought in big-name heavyweight screenwriters
Charley & Vlas Parlapanides to create the screenplay, so the script
may be something special indeed; they may be known to Hollywood
followers from such blockbusters as “War of the Gods” & “Live Bet”.

A preview of "L". Be afraid be very afraid...

Bonus: New Photo of Megan Fox in Transformers 2

Isn't she the sweetest little thing you've ever seen.

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