Saturday, 16 May 2009

Morning Musume Fever!

It's been more the 5 months & "I" the writer is still under the
Morning Musume spotlight, has "I" the writer gone absolutely
berserk over these "Nippon Idols"?

Even at the office, "I" the writer looks for their new shows to
watch. Seeing how cute/funny/emotions/anger & the list just
goes on & one. You will never see a "white" singer crying on a
show when bullied by 1 of the staff but in Morning Musume show
they have it! Kewl huh! These girls are bullied over & over gain
even to a point that they even warn the staff not to do it anymore.
Now that what "I" the writer calls "good T.V"!

Even more enraging is Morning Musume is going to U.S! F++K! The
Anime Expo brings Morning Musume to perform in the continental U.S.
for the first time ever! F++K! Why cant they come to Singapore this
August? "I" the writer will be there!

Morning Musume Otaku Crush Anime Otaku! These photographs seem
to suggest their devotion knows no bounds…

& this is their production group called "Hello! Project" all in 1 video 50
"kawaii" girls! Nuff said!

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

"I" the writer is 110% getting this, its 2GB by the way but who cares!
Its a Ravage Thumb drive!

Its life size brother from another mother!

What the F++K! An insect EVA?

Want some candy?

Drooling all the way down.....

FYI: This character uses the same voice as Haruhi.

Legends fuse together is so freaking kewl!

Karas aka Crow

quote of the day!
Taking so long to answer makes you seem dishonest...
Hurts my feelings.

-Face Eater- Flecks Crushe


VOY said...

OMG cool thumb drive.. need to have one ^_^

encik adi said...

thumbdrive yg buleh bertukar jadi beast wars?? damn nice! i want that one!

"I" the writer said...

Well all need a TD like that & "encik ad" ravage is from G1 not beast wars & will also be featured in the new Transformer movie...