Monday, 18 May 2009

The hot & the nerd

The all so hobbit-like Jeremy told me an interesting sort of story today,
it features 3 chicks & a shortish kinda guy.

After getting lost for almost 2 hours getting to Ampang for an "all so important"
meeting with The Datin, this boy decided to lay back a bit before he heads back
to the office. He decided to called his former work-mate, the all so popular-in-Ipoh
Ms.cindyohsohot for a drink. To this geek's surprise, cindyohsohot brought her "hot"
sis along. What was her name again? Oh ya, Dolly "Parton" Ho. If you Ulti-Fans
reading my blog a few months back, the dynamic sis duo was hanging
about with the geek in 1U. F++king lucky nerd!

Moving along, the nerd told me that, this was the 1st time that Dolly had ever talked
to him for a long time. During the 1st introduction, both these humans were quiet as
a dumb-retard but now...They were teasing each other. Is it because Ms.Dolly has
requested that Mr.Jeremy download for her "1 Tree Hill" season 1-5? or was it just
wanting to talk to a nerd that fascinated her?

After being well acquainted, Ms.Dolly began to ask the shorty some questions.
I'm beautiful right? I have slimmed down since the last you saw me right?
Guess what the nerd answered? No comment & I didn't notice your body before...
What the F++K!
A beautiful girl asking you those questions & you give her retarded
You are really a nerd Mr. Jeremy "sortie" If it was me, "I" the writer would
pop up a poem just to reflect her ray of beauty upon me. Go hump your toys GEEK!

The geek then witnessed a "live-cam-whoring" moment, which was his 1st! seeing
such event taking place in front of him. This hobbit laugh as smiled while looking at
these "chicks" trying to looking cute & posing for the camera. Here's a peek of the
dynamic "Yin & Yang"
sisters duo

Why cant "I" the writer have a chick like that hanging around me? DAMMIT! Here are
the "figures" updates...

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

quote of the day!
I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular.
-Mean Girls- Gretchen

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for me both are nice^^