Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Revenge of the Fallen Spoilers!

Good day my mid-night freaks aka children of the dark. "I" the writer
can't seem to get the shut eye that "I" the writer hoped for. The day
was busy as a bumble bee. Why in the heck cant "I" the writer get
some rest? Have "I" the writer got a bite from the princess of the night?

So what is a so called blogger to do? Blog & give out info to all my dear
faithful readers of course. Here it is folks! But be warned! These are
Transformers 2 spoilers. Get out now if you don't wanna be bitten by
spoiler bug! "I" the writer has given you this last warning. Be WARNED!

1) The Twins Skids and Mudflap can combine. Surprise!

2) Agent Simmons now works at his mom's deli, which makes the
"don't tell my mother" bit a more clear. "But he's never given up
his dream. He's still in the "NBE 01" game.

3) Optimus Prime may not survive the ass-kicking we've seen him get
so far in the footage from
Revenge. Reports shows that the Peterbilt
vehicle was not seen during the Cairo, Egypt shoot.

The Constructicons Destroy the Aircraft Carrier!

5) Brawl & Bonecrusher are done & they use Brawls [sic] parts
to reform Megatron underwater (tank tracks & fitted with a particle
cannon that Soundwave provides.)

6) Megatron has back rockets & Mixmaster has the spinning gears
turbines under his arm shields (cement mixer barrel) that he uses a
few times. They can semi-fly so to speak.

7) Jazz is gone for good? "We saw a short 5 second shot where Long Haul
stomps on Jazz's corpse underwater," Poor Jazz...

8) There are 5 other jets that fly with Starscream but have not been
named at the time of the show. Yahoooo!! Team Starscream to the rescue!

9) Blackout's Back! as seen in the trailer.

10) Finally, Mr. Bay admits the ending of
Transformers was lame. But this time,
he promises it'll get better. "You'll never have seen anything like it before."

Pumped up for the movie? Can't wait for it? so am "I" the writer dude/dude-et.

quote of the day!

It's all illusory - it's ill, and it's for losers.
-Babe - Pig in the city- Bob

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