Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More Revenge of the Fallen Figures

Walmart just released the figures & "I" the writer can't wait for this
freaking movie! The Hype is on!
This maybe spoilers, so if you don't
wanna see the pic, then click back or just format your PC but who
actuality reads this part of the post? Humans love seeing pretty
pictures right?
Desipte the warnings...

Who? Maybe a re-paint of sideswipe?

The twins, Skids & Mudflap
are the ice-cream truck as seen in the previous "on-scene" shoot.
This alt-mode was spotted during the Bethlehem, PA shoot, where
we saw the truck. It seems that they will spit up but will they combine


Other forms, just how many mode does this hound have? DAMN!
plus Scorponok is now Ravage's B+++h?

awwwwwwwww so cute, "I" the writer is surly getting this!


Will it be in the movie?

Just a filler-toy? Does the face look familiar?

DAMN! She looks like an alien queen or something, she combines too?

quote of the day!
So, let's just pretend you're five years old and on fire.
-Quarantine- Jake

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