Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rare helpful humans + Figure Flood!

Well today, "I" the writer was disturbed yet again by my all so short
hobbit like friend, he goes by the
"nice" name Jeremy. After talking
to me all about this Marvel Universe, this small freak told me about
his devilish experience in Mid-Valley Megamall, he told me that after
getting the "Origins" tickets for his friends (without inviting me) he
went back to his car. Thinking of how the movie will be, this little
freak started his car but wait...the car couldn't start.
Serves your
right for not inviting me!

This hobbit-like boy panicked! "What am I to do?" he thought. Lady
seemed to be smiling down on him, a guard passed by on his
routine rounding's. Being too shy to stop any pass-by-er car, the guard
offered to help out this poor boy. The guard even offered to push his
car & bring him a jumper-cable. Lucky short-nut!

Now all this boy had to do is stop a passing car, the guard told him
"Don't be shy, if your shy then you wont get the things you want" as
young little Jeremy was a very shy boy, even shy of making the 1st
move with humans. See folks, what kind of friends "I" the writer is
dealing with, so Jeremy told me that he took up all his courage &
stopped a passing car for the 1st time in his puny-tiny life!
Believe it!

The nice gentleman offered his time & a helping hand to this boy. As you
all know what happens next, Jeremy was able to start his car & thanked
these 2 kind humans who took time out of their busy lives by lending a helping
hand to an unknown stranger.

After telling me this story, "I" the writer thought that the world isn't that bad
of a place. People are still helpful without wanting something in return. My friend
should be happy that he got help & not robbed. Finding helpful people are rare
these days, in a world gone "almost" wrong.

Enough of this softie story, "I" the writer brings you a s++t load of figures.
A word of caution, some of this figures is kinda obscene so if your a kid,
these figures are not for you. Maybe some but...who cares! Even kids know
"these" kinda stuff or even have done "these" kinda stuff. Kids of this time &
age are more advance that you "adults" can imagine. ENJOY!

- coming to a store near you!

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