Saturday, 23 May 2009

Not your father's Star Trek

Good Day dear Ulti-Verse inhabitants! Yeah, yeah! "I" the writer knows
that "I" the writer did not update this space for the past 3 days. "I" the
writer has been busy at work & at home. "WORK" is trying desperately trying
to conquer my ever "belittled" life.

YES! A the re-view that you have been waiting for! A Star Wars fan perspective
on a trekies movie. "I" the writer was dragged to this new version of Star Trek
by a non-geek friend of mine, "I" the writer was hassitated to go, why you ask?
Cause "I" the writer thought, JJ Abrams was in it so there must be a masive
ammount of camera shaking ~cough~ Cloverfield ~cough~ & most Star Trek
movie/series were "kinda" boring to me but...

This movie was kinda good. It lived up to more then what "I" the writer execpted
from a trekie movie. The action was top-notch. It was like the re-inventing of the
"Bond" series. This verion of Kirk was getting his @$$ wooped all over the galaxy &
still manage to stand up straight. DAMN!

Overall it WAS a good movie, they even included the Spock from the original time-line,
that was a mojor shocker. Who knows, maybe this is one of the alternered universe of
Star Trek? an "Ultimate" Star Trek? If Star Trek has an re-vevision, will Star Wars fight
back? "I" the witer am sure of it. GO! WARS OF THE GEEKS! nuff said.

Plus: More Revenge of the Fallen on-location shots

Jolt! Jolt! "I" the writer sees Jolt!

Hmmmmmmmm..........even though its a guy inside....

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Uncle Ultraman?

Day of Dick Tracy...

Didn't the concept look a whole lot better?

DAMN! but it will sure cost RM500 over, right?!

Believe it! 90th Anniversary of Zorro!

Anime Frost...


quote of the day!
So what does it feel like to kill a man with your bare hands?
It's a topic I'm very interested in.

-Pulp Fiction- Esmeralda


SkinCareLib said...

uncle ultraman. haha.
thats lols.

Raymond said...

nice action figures u have there.