Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Shock of Suzumiya Haruhi: Delayed Another Year

The anger, the rage & the shock, the waiting for this anime to reappear
is more worst then waiting for a mother to give birth! Dammit! It's killing
me! The all so popular series is delayed yet another year, the second time
it has been delayed.

It's been 3 years before any new release in the formerly popular series &
"I" the writer is not getting any younger waiting for this anime.
Just cause
of the unique storyline & Mikuru-chan, "they" the production thinks they can
take advantage of the us the fans? *Curses!*

Reports indicate that the leaked schedule of light novel releases published in
Sneaker magazine fails to make any mention of the title, which can be taken
as a tacit admission of delay. Previously the sequel was set for a mid-2007
release, but this was postponed a year.

This means it is likely the series will go 3 years without a novel release,
which should leave no-one in any doubt as to the oblivion facing the series,
especially if the anime re-run proves to be mere eventful marketing rather
than the dramatic coup Kadokawa is likely hoping for.

Just what the author is thinking is anyone’s guess....

Probably nobody will remember Haruhi by 2010

Plus: Ultrora-man Soda anyone?

DyDo Drinco Corp is marketing the all so popular Ultraman series sodas.
Ultraman themed soda just released in March in Japan which comes in
2 flavors and 12 different can designs, selling at 100 Yen each. Don't
you just love the can designs, "I" the writer just wishes that "I" the writer
could get a hold of this Ultra-Cans.

Bonus: The design proses of the Playstation logo.

"I" the writer just loves the proses or making of stuff, it lets you go
in the head of that person & gradually get the idea of what that person
is trying to say or implement. It's just so wonderful to see how the proses
is being forwarded. For more info about the "Making of Playstation" visit

quote of the day!
This reminds me of that old saying: you idiot.
-"Andy Richter Controls the Universe" The Maid Man- Jessica Green

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