Monday, 25 May 2009

DareDevil gets a re-make?

What happens a film/movie is tossed out for the dogs for shreds? Well now
a days, the movie must be made over & over again until someone gets it
right of course! Lets take a walk down memory lane, King Kong was made
4 times to my count. "I" the writer thinks that "we" the humans just so
adore entertainment & cant get enough of it, we don't even mind watching
the same title over & over & over again till it really satisfy our eyes.

So the story now is, Fox is planning to re-make the flopped blinded superhero,
DareDevil. In this version,
Typhoid Mary is the villain in Daredevil's rogue gallery
& if in fact there are auditions going on for that particular role, this would lend
some credence to the rumors that Fox is looking to re-boot the Daredevil movie
franchise after 03’s Ben Affleck's version slammed dunked into the trash!

Doesn't this remind you for a certain Marvel re-make? cough~Hulk~cough...

PLUS: Revenge of the Fallen's final Trailer before the movie.
New scenes & it's a cam version...

FIGURES - coming to a store near you!

Maybe this figure is just overboard!

STOP! In the name of the law!

quote of the day!
Please... you called me. There's a dark spot in your soul. A little piece of death.
-Dance of the Damned- The Vampire

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