Sunday, 28 March 2010

Thanks for everything Mr.J

Mr.J! Its me! Your CPS, you know what that mean right ;) 

You were there when I first entered PJ College of Art & Design, 
You were there to encourage me not  to be so shy when I held that 
pencil & was nervous to draw in front of a group,
You were the 1st lecturer that I heard, cursed,
You practically dragged me & forced me to talk to a bunch of girls,
You gave me good advise when I had no confidence in myself, 
You showed me that movies can be much more then mere entertainment,
You colored my world with beautiful paintings of artist & lovely poems from 
the History Books,
You teased me to show that you can be a fun ol' guy to,
You always welcomed me to you home & showered me with jokes,
You gave me tips & tricks on how to flirt,
You showed me that drawing can be a way to express your inner thought & feelings,
You were are always will be 1 of those unique individuals that made an impact in my life.

Thanks for everything Mr.J, you will always be 1 of my favorite lecturers! Even after 
9 years of knowin' you, you were always a fun of a person to hang with. We will surly 
meet & have a blast in heaven soon, so keep that DVD player playin' for I will be there 
to enjoy some classic movies with you.

quote of the day!
There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the 
heart acts as mediator.
-Metropolis (1927)- Maria


aReaL said...

Dont Forget To Thanks To MJ Too... Hehehe...

"I" the writer said...