Saturday, 20 March 2010

LJ Stylez Inc.

Introducing a new trendsetting urban apparel on the scene, the spotlight shines on
LJ Stylez Inc.
This is where the explosion of "rhythmical symphony" culture begins! If
your a music junkie, LJ Stylez imprints your treasured melody on to a style, where you
can now walk the after hours of the night scene with! The confidence that reflects your
love for stuff that makes euphoric tunes.

Stay with me now peeps, this ain't no average "trying to sell our style" BUT! An over
freakin' abnormal stunt to promote & implant music into your very being. Year '10 marks
the year where evolution evolves! 2 crazy peeps had a stroke of the "genius syndrome",
where music can be used to broken through the artsy design field. 1st a DJ, the 2nd a
gamer! Could the combination get any better?

These "developing adults" doesn't want it to stop at style but! Also working on comics
& composing music. What are ya' waiting for? Christmas? Show your support, make
Malaysia's music scene explode with the newly evolved apparel of LJ Stylez.

This is the 1st of many designs to come, place an order! E-mail to

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