Thursday, 18 March 2010

8 Reasons for chicks to date losers

Why date a loser? "You" the hot chick may wonder, well even though he may not
be the most romantic & experienced lover out there, he will try his level best to
please you just to see a smile on your face. Here are 8 freaking reasons:.

1| You can dye him your colour
If you’re his first girlfriend you can have him dress and date how you want.
It’s best not to be too forceful and take into account his wishes as you move
him closer to what you want though.

2| He’ll be delighted with simple things like you cooking for him or
holding his hand

These might be expected by people with lots of experience dating but a
romantic novice should be moved by them all the same.

3| You can avoid being compared to his last girlfriend
As he likely never had one, he’ll not compare you to his last. For example your
cooking or what you want to do for birthdays, etc. But you should avoid comparing
him to your last boyfriend too – upset men tend to get jealous.

4| You can pursue an innocent romance
He might be nervous or awkward on dates. But you can also relive your "innocent"
school romances. For a woman looking for “pure love,” a novice might be just the

5| You needn’t be jealous of other women
With an experienced guy you never know when he’ll make a pass at a girl. But with
a greenhorn he probably doesn’t know how to talk to girls properly so there’s no danger
of that. On the other hand, he’s more likely to be jealous of you so watch what you do
with other guys.

6| You needn’t use relationship tactics on him
You don’t have to bother playing hot and cold with him by being deliberately nice or
nasty to get what you want. In fact doing this might backfire as he might overreact
to such stimuli. Perhaps best to be straight with him.

7| He’ll remember your anniversaries and events
When you started dating you probably cared about these things at first. It’s like that
for a guy with no experience so he’ll care about them a lot. He may not know what to
expect so you can tell him what you want him to do too.

8| You don’t have to worry about him cheating on you
He’s likely to take romance seriously so the chances of him cheating are low. However,
romance can open a man’s eyes so you’d better watch him closely.

But! Other females disagree with this topic as reported in 2ch, here are their reasons:.

- For a woman looking for "pure love,” a novice might be just the thing?" < I want to die!

- You think we’d be trolled so easily?

- I think we’ve already been trolled easily…

- That stuff may be true but the sex will still most likely be terrible.

- The disadvantages probably outweigh the advantages.

- I’m a virgin but I’m not having any non-virgin!

- But the person writing this kind of article is probably trying to help us!

- But you guys are playing around with hundreds of 2D girls already. Despicable.

- What’s it feel like to have the bitches you look down upon look down on you?

- The guys who hunt virgins probably do it because they have no experience to speak of.

- I’d like to ask the people who write these articles if they actually do any research at all?

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quote of the day!
All you need is love.
-Lucy- I Am Sam


kRaZy said...

I agree with u le! But thankfully, my ex and I were both first loves, so don't really have things like comparing or stuff XD

"I" the writer said...

Oh! Ok, still friends with him?