Tuesday, 23 March 2010

S.O.B! Chris Evans Confirmed As Captain America!

Who will wield the shield in the up coming Captain America movie? Chris "freaking" Evans
Director Joe Johnston & Heatvision from Marvel studios has confirmed! That Chris
Evans will take up the burden & responsibility of the shield as Captain America.

The treasure hunt has ended after weeks of seeking for the right candidate, the guessing
game is finally over! Not only that! Mr.Even will have to be cameos in different Marvel movies
& the low cut salary of only $300,000. For the time being, it was not a confirmed deal but!
Evans figures it's good enough for his career.

What type of Captain America will he be?

Will he be the 1 to unite the Avengers to victory?

Will he be the true American hero to look in the eyes of fear & not twitch?

Or will he be a ruthless Captain America?

An Ultimate Captain America who everyone looks up to?

Cap the lover?

Or Cap the funny man?

Needless to say, its a done deal! He has be chosen by "Project Reborn".
Introducing! The "Live-Action" version of Captain America!

quote of the day!
Gee whiz, Mr. President.
-Captain America (1990)- Captain America

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